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The title of this piece (Poly) comes from the font used in the text “COLOMBI” this font was designed to include letters from different native alphabets from South America. In this piece we see the word COLOMBIA comprised of text, and my action of pronouncing the letter “A” at the end. The letter “a” that I am pronouncing, is condition to the length of time that I am capable of having breath in my chest to pronounce it, and because of my humanity I am condition to always run out of breath and having to begin again. That is where the second title (Breathless) comes from.


This piece could be seen as a horizontal body denouncing the letter “A” where the screen is the face, and the letters “COLOMBI” become surrogates for the bones. Preaching from a pulpit of bones, become the gesture of this piece where the letter “A” represents the Apolitical, Ambivalent, Ambiguous symbol that allows our own projections onto it and points at everything that has been silenced, from the violence in a country that been at war for over 60 years. 

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