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The Ordinance of a History that Arranges itself in a Loop, or How to Spell a Scream

This is a digitally edited photo of the front page of the New York Times. This front page includes news from a massacre in Africa, civilian deaths due to US drone strikes in Pakistan, problems with Obama Care and new triumphs for gay marriage in the US...

When I moved to New York city in 2011 I subscribed to the NYtimes and began collecting the paper. As the accumulation became more prominent in size I was able to zoom out from the daily news to a wider view or the reality that it was presenting, which revealed a repetition in our history.

This piece invokes just that, the irrelevance that text begins to have after it continues to tell the same story. I take out all the words that comprise each story, except for the letter A, which can stand for the beginning or the number 1, in an attempt to reach for the basics.The letter A its an article, a word used to modify a noun, and by keeping the nouns out I am modifying the text and inviting people project themselves in the empty spots and to read just the A, which out loud can sound like a scream.

The ordinance of a history that arranges itself in a loop(periodico a nina)_edited

Digital Photograph

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